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3 Things That SUCK About Collecting Pins with He + She Friends

Batman Pins from He + She Pins

If you’ve been collecting pins through our He + She Friends subscription service, you’ve probably noticed a few changes over time. We’re still making the awesome designs we desperately want to see for ourselves. But the longer we do this, the more we learn.

In fact, we do our best to listen to our Friends and take their pain points to heart. We identified the three biggest pain points our Friends have and came up with one perfect solution.

Pretty cool, right?

I Wish I’d Chosen the Pop-Culture Pins Instead of the Original Designs…

Or vice versa. Back in September of 2018, we decided we wanted to increase our offering. Until that time, we’d been releasing only one pin in our subscription offering each month. It was a lot simpler but we often had other ideas that we wanted to share. Besides, if you only do Batman every month, you start to seem a little flat.

So we introduced a new package, our Pop-Culture pin designs and our Original pin designs. That way people who wanted to find a new way to support us every month but aren’t really into comic books would have an option. Ever since, we’ve been excited to share a brand new original pin each month with something a little more familiar for our supporters.

The problem is, people would sign up for one and reach out to us once they saw the other. “I wish I’d gotten Original,” people will say. Or, “I didn’t know you would be making a Batman pin again…” In truth, introducing a choice seemed to increase dissatisfaction as much as increased excitement.

I moved. Where are my pins going?

Do you know how often people move? I don’t. But I have an idea how often He + She Friends move. It’s often. Very often. I feel like you guys are really seeing the world. More power to you.

But, frequently we’ll get pins returned. We actually have Friends whose addresses are more than a year out of date. Patreon won’t let us change the addresses for people. And when we remind people so that we can send pins to the right location… well, let’s just say there’s more exciting things to pin collecting than data entry.

So sometimes people won’t receive their pins until months later, after a sold-out pin is eventually returned to by USPS and we can find the right address in our DM’s. Not ideal.

Both Your New Pins Are Cool, But…

…I was hoping for something else. Boy, I’ll tell you, it’s hard to create any one pin that is absolutely loved by everyone every single month. It’s really hard to create two pins every month that everyone likes.

But a long time ago, we decided we didn’t want to do one thing over and over again. And, yes… we’ve done a lot of Batman. A lot of Batman. But doing the same thing month after month… there’s a lot of pins to be made. Why should we limit ourselves?

At the same time, how can a pin subscriber know what to expect? Or if they’ll like what’s provided on any given month? Sounds like quite a gamble.

He + She Friends is Getting Even Better

We’ve found a solution all of these problems. What one solution could solve all these problems?

In June of 2019, each subscriber will receive a one-time use code worth $15. That means you can snag a pin you want from the sixty plus designs (or prints) on our site and apply that code to cover the cost and shipping.

That’s right. Every month, you’ll get to choose what you get. Better yet, the codes will carry over. So if you want to wait an extra month and see the coming designs, you can. Instead of having to choose “Pop Culture” and “Original” memberships where you have to gamble on which one you’ll want more, you’ll get to see them first and then choose precisely the one you prefer. As long as it’s in stock, it’s yours.

If you haven’t joined our Friends, it’s not too late! Just click here.

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